We believe that one way to reach our world with the gospel is by embarking on community projects. There are several of our communities that are plagued with very low standard of living, and poverty is at an all-time high. We can’t afford to close our eyes to these causes, and claim that we are messengers of goodwill.

The gospel is about people; it’s about reaching out to our community and showing solidarity to the struggles they may be facing. In our own case, we often try to alleviate whatever sufferings we meet in a community; thereby leaving it better than we met it.

We have a number of community projects in the pipeline which include furnishing school libraries, building health centres, gaming centers, and vocational centers. Our projects are usually targeted towards engaging the youths so they are not given to idleness, and invariably start embracing crime.

We offer vocational trainings to school drop outs and try and get them establish in a trade. As many that are bent on still making it to school, we organize lectures for them. We offer seminars that inspire and challenge the youths in the community we visit on the need to make the difference in their age. The praise report from these outreaches has been really mind blowing.

We are not planning to stop anytime soon, for this is the essence of our faith; giving men hope and a zest to life. Communities are better off because we came, and lives are perpetually being transformed by the projects we have initiated.

In reality, you truly haven’t experienced Christ until you have imparted your world with His love. The Church has gone beyond just preaching love; the Church is in the era of living love. For by this shall men know you are my disciples because, you love the brethren.

Community projects are a part of kingdom service, and so we admonish you to be a part of doing something noble in your community in the name of Jesus Christ. Propagate Christ’s love to your community or be a sponsor of the projects that are ongoing if you can’t champion a cause, for this is the essence of the life we have received.

We look at doing even more in our communities in the years to come, and we trust that with these, men shall perpetually come to worship at the feet of the master in absolute surrender to Him as Lord.