The Bible is clear that when there are no counselors, the people the people fall, and in the multitude of counsel, there is safety. It’s part of our culture as a Church to open our doors to members for counseling at any time they so desire. For sure, we are glad at the amount of testimonies that keep coming from counsels received and applied.

The word of God is our guide in offering counsels, and we would always say that you are free to treat with a pinch of salt any counsel offered you that doesn’t have its bearing in the word.

We are a blessed Church and have as members those who have majored in counseling, and for counsels that needs practical life application, we often employ the advice of those who are knowledgeable in that area. Wisdom the Bible says is the right application of knowledge, so we embrace knowledge during our counseling sessions.

Most people who walk into our counseling sessions often testify of the depth of approach often employed. We try to look at a situation from varying perspective and settling it from the word of God.

If you haven’t attended any of our counseling sessions, we especially invite you to—that’s if you have any pertinent situation that requires counsel of course. The Spirit of God has seriously been helping us do the incredible in this department.

So whether you are seeking marital advice, spiritual guidance or counsel pertaining life, never forget that there is somewhere you can get one. We would be more than willing to hear you out, and provide you with the right counsel.

We look forward to hearing from you, and sharing God’s stance with you concerning that issue that has perpetually weighed you down. Kindly reach out to us for a problem shared is half solved!