Donations are a way to support a cause you believe in, and we absolutely welcome donations from the public. The Church isn’t a profit organization; as such we appreciate when individuals reach out to us with their donations to promote the cause of the gospel.

We are however very clear on the fact that your donations to the work of God can only get rewards if you do it from a heart of humility and of deep reverence. Ultimately recognizing that it’s God who blessed you in the first place you are seeking to honor.

Donations shouldn’t be done to dishonor God or his priests. Else, you may never get rewards for it. Every giving done right often comes with manifold returns. So we urge you to get your heart right and prayerfully commit your giving to the cause of the gospel. Your profiting will no doubt be obvious for all to see.

We are a Church that houses widows, orphans, and the less privileged. And we are consistently on missions to spread God’s love to the world. All these, can only be possible with donations we receive from well-meaning members and the public.

The gospel of Christ must be preached all around the world and it would take money to accomplish this feat. But we are resolved to make it happen, and God has been raising men continuously to champion His cause.

There have been divers praise reports of supernatural provisions from those who have financed God’s projects, and so they are propelled even to give the more. True, when you serve God with your finances, He is sure to reward you in ways too much for words. But again, you must get your heart right first.

We keep reaching out to people because these donations made it possible, and not a few lives have been converted, inspired, encouraged, and transformed by reason of the donations we have received over the years.

Donations received are often well accounted for, and are never used for spurious spending. You can be rest assured that we have a solid treasury team that subject all requests for money through severe scrutiny. More so, we are accountable to God for what we do with His name; hence, we cannot be found wanting.

Are you looking to make donations to the Church? Then, we encourage you to do so without reservations, for you will be rewarded accordingly.