Prayer has been described as the master key, and the description cannot be farther from the truth. Think of one problem that seems unflinching, and give us a call let’s pray about it together. Prayer has been known to move mountains; not just in medieval times but in our present dispensation.

Has your prayer life gone stale and you don’t believe anymore in the efficacy of prayer? Then you truly should give us a call. Prayers are meant to produce results, because it is the heart cry of a child to a loving Father. And if all things are done in order, then answers shouldn’t be delayed but promptly received.

Do you have faith? Do you believe in the name of Jesus? Do you believe that when you two people shall agree on earth concerning a thing it shall be done by their Father who is in heaven? Then that’s all that’s required to receive answered prayers.

Kindly send us your prayer request and as we call on the name of the Lord concerning your issue, we trust that God will show up on your behalf.

We have received countless praise reports from our prayer sessions, and we are glad that God is glorifying His name through our commitment to praying in faith. Your request deserves an answer as long as it’s in the will of God for you, so we will join our faith with yours to birth t into reality.

You can drop your prayer request through emails or a call to the Church’s office. Whichever way, we are sure to respond promptly. Our Priests are also available to join you in prayer when you walk into the Church office.

We are a people given to prayer, and we can testify that prayers truly work. So we urge you not to hand in the towel on that issue until you have sent a prayer request to us about it.

We demand one thing from you though after sending your prayer requests in: And that is your faith. Believe that God is aware of your issue and as a result it can pass as history. You can rest, assured that as sure as day your challenge has finally arrived at its bus stop; so, congratulations are in order!