The Druid Alphabet Letter D

The Oak King

Oak: Doorway to secrets Guardian of accounts.

Letter: D

Celtic: Duir

Australian Correspondence: Oak

Soothsaying: Jupiter

Meaning: Solid insurance, Magical strength, security, truth. Crossing of limits between one spot and the following. Capacity to see the imperceptible or be undetectable. Internal information. Capacity to bar or open the way. Perseverance, development, respectability, generosity.

Rules over the late spring months, and this tree was, despite everything is consecrated to the Druids. Illustrations were shown underneath their spreading branches in holy forests of Oak trees. The post-chilly Indo-European societies lived in the time when extraordinary oak backwoods covered the majority of their region. It was utilized broadly for lodging, kindling, and weapons and the bark was utilized for treating leathers and their attire, and so on.. These individuals were known as ‘The People of the Oak’ due to their respect for this tree and their reliance on it, and subsequently numerous strict affiliations fostered all over Europe from these times.

It was frequently connected with the head of the divine beings – Zeus, and with Thor and Jupiter as it stood gloriously, high over the wide range of various trees in the woodland. To associate with the female energies of the tree, make an oak seed accessory and conjure Diana. These Gods assist us to impart amassed oak seeds of shrewdness to other people and to be solid like the oak and insightful, intense and strong.

Restorative: Powdered oak bark can be utilized abc kids as a snuff to stop nosebleeds. A solid decoction of oak bark is great to stop constant looseness of the bowels. Oak branches, passes on and oak seeds make an astringent tonic because of their high tannic substance. A tea of the bark can be utilized for hacks and as a rinse for sore throats, and applied remotely to ulcers and injuries. Make a poultice of the root and bark and apply it to enlarged joints.


Oak is remembered to lead the way to reality, particularly about past layers of activity. The roots addressing the past, the storage compartment the present and the branches what’s in store. The foundations of the tree develop as profound as the tree develops high, which makes them most importantly, an image of equilibrium. Balance is generally what we make progress toward as adherents of the way. The energy of the Oak reestablishes will and self assurance and gives us fortitude and perseverance to accomplish the vital work. Oak spirits, dryads, were portrayed as shriveled elderly people men with a solid comical presence. The Dagda conveyed an oak club and a harp of oak to call the four seasons. He is related with the component of earth.

The actual tree areas of strength for is strong. Oaks are suppliers. They give of their brilliant wood, and feed individuals and the creatures with their nuts. They draw in the consideration of the greatest divine beings as confirmed by their propensity to draw in lightning yet they are not impacted by the stroke. They have their minds floating around in dreamland and their underlying foundations solidly established in the earth.